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Acute plant problems

Do you need help today in your acute plant problem? Is your production at risk because water treatment does not function? Does the water quality cause problems? Is there an urgent need for equipment or staff? Call us at +358 40 503 1258 from 6 am to 10 pm, send an SMS at any time or contact via email: . We are experienced problem solvers and ready to help immediately.

Rental equipment

We rent production-scale reverse osmosis and ion exchange equipment (capacity from 4 to 30 m³/h). Reverse osmosis equipment are suitable for nanofiltration as well as production of drinking water.  All equipment at our pilot halli in Mäntsälä are ready to serve you. We take care of the transport, start-up and training. If desired, we also take care of the use and maintenance during the leasing/renting period. 

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Rental equipment
Maintenance and operational service

Case: Helen Group rented portable equipment

Water treatment experts

In acute situations, our experts come to your plant to analyze the situation and help. We measure the function of your process, we calibrate equipment, we carry out disinfection protocols, we order spare parts, we exchange resins, membranes and filtration media. During our visit, we train your personnel, we compose instructions for use and we provide advice to increase the degree of automation. Many cases can also be solved remotely, so please give us a call! 

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Design of water treatment processes
Process microbiology

Microbiological and water chemistry laboratories

Our laboratories help you in acute situations. Within 24 hours, we determine the potentially dangerous microbes in drinking water and diagnose how widely the distribution network is contaminated. Also the analytics of water chemistry laboratory (spectrophotometry, pH, conductivity, turbidity, metals, sodium, dissolved oxygen and silicates) serve you fast. 

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Water chemistry laboratory
Microbiological laboratory
Pilot and laboratory tests