Each process requires water

Together we find the most adequate solution

We help in acute plant problems and design complete water treatment systems. Together with our clients, we develop new analytical protocols and water treatment equipment. We provide tailored water treatment trainings and organize popular Water Seminars. How can we help you?

Acute plant problems

Acute plant problems →

Do you need help today in your acute plant problem? Is your production at risk because water treatment does not function? Does the water quality cause problems? Is there an urgent need for equipment or staff? Call us at +358 40 503 1258 from 6 am to 10 pm, send an SMS at any time or contact via email: . We are experienced problem solvers and ready to help immediately.

Reformation and maintenance of water treatment systems

Reformation and maintenance of water treatment systems →

Do you intend to build a new water treatment facility? Does your current water treatment system need an update? Do you need more water or water with higher quality in the future? We are your partner in process design, experiments, purchase of equipment, implementation and maintenance. We carry out annual process checks or execute large-scale investments to improve water processes.

Water treatment trainings and research projects

Water treatment trainings and research projects →

Do you want to stay updated on water treatment processes? How can we recycle water efficiently? What are the newest technologies and how do they function in your process? Order a training or participate in our Water Seminar (Vesiseminaari). We also serve you with long-term research projects. Together we can develop future solutions.