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Do you need help in any matter related to water and water treatment? We provide design of water treatment systems, trainings, support in operation and maintenance and equipment. Our services help when you want to know more on water chemistry and microbiology, when you suffer from corrosion or contaminants in pipelines, when equipment fail to operate as planned or when you fail to meet future environmental requirements. We are eager to help.

Piloting and experimental design

Piloting and experimental design →

Do you need pilot experiments to guarantee optimal operation of your process? We conduct piloting both combined with process design and as separate projects.

Maintenance and operational service

Maintenance and operational service →

Is it difficult for your personnel to find time for maintenance and operation in addition to their core duties? Thanks to our strong expertise we help you in all operation and maintenance works.

Design and implementation of water treatment

Design and implementation of water treatment →

Do you need help in design of water treatment? We help you in all planning and execution phase, whether it concerns new, experimental process or development of existing water plant.

Laboratory and online analyzers

Laboratory and online analyzers →

Do you need analyses and analyzers for a longer period? We have a comprehensive variety of sampling instruments and analytical equipment to be used in comparative analyses and operational assurance of your process.

Process microbiology and chemistry

Process microbiology and chemistry →

Is the problem in your process due to chemistry or microbiology? Our experts are ready to help with any challenge in process microbiology or process water chemistry

Equipment for water treatment

Equipment for water treatment →

How do you cope with water treatment when you update your process? Our equipment guarantee the production of clean water in extreme situations.

Microbiological and water chemistry laboratory services

Microbiological and water chemistry laboratory services →

Need a comprehensive service from sampling to analyses and interpretation? Water chemistry and microbiology are strongly represented in our expertise.

Trainings and seminars

Trainings and seminars →

Are you interested in learning more on water chemistry and microbiology? We organize popular Water Seminars and tailored water treatment trainings assessing the very issues of your plant.