Microbiological laboratory

We characterize microbes with culture-independent DNA based methods.

Microbiology is at a turning point replacing tradtional cultivation methods by culture-independent molecular methods.  We have acted as pioneers for process industry by studying process microbiology with molecular methods for more than ten years. At the moment, process industry uses these DNA based methods relatively widely in process surveillance and control. 

In routine analysis, we use qPCR method which is faster and more accurate as compared with traditional cultivation methods. Currently, we are able to measure total microbial levels and the most important clusters in water environment as well as microbial metabolism. We constantly develop new assays for rapid analysis of microbes in water environment. 

We have the possibility for next generation sequencing to reveal the whole spectrum of microbial community.

By combining the DNA analysis with a specific pre-treatment we can measure separately live microbes: both all live microbes or live microbes within a certain microbial cluster, e.g. live legionella or live enterobacteria. 

Rapid qPCR analysis for microbes in biofilms and water environment

  • Total bacteria and live total bacteria
  • Fungi (yeast and mold) and live fungi
  • α-proteobacteria
  • β-proteobacteria
  • Enterobacteria and E.coli 
  • Genus Legionella and virulent  L.pneumophila strains
  • Actinobacteria and bacteroidetes clusters important in natural waters 
  • Class Bacilli
  • Class Deinococci
  • Analysis of fecal contamination based on the major clusters in gastrointestinal tract

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Pilot and laboratory tests

To ensure the proper operationality of the water treatment systems, we conduct pilot as well as laboratory experiment either as separate projects or combined with process design.

Maintenance and operational service

We help in the design, operation and maintenance of equipment. We support in small maintenance work or take the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the entire water facility.

Process design of water treatment

We design and scale up water treatment systems. We conduct laboratory and pilot experiments to confirm design process parameters, which decreases operational risks.

Water chemistry laboratory

We have a comprehensive variety of sampling and analytical equipment to be used in comparative analyses and operational assurance of plant processes.

Rental equipment for water treatment

Our rental equipment guarantee the production of clean water in extreme situation.

Process microbiology

We characterize the microbiota in water and process environmental in order to the control the microbes.

Microbiological laboratory

We characterize microbes with culture-independent DNA based methods.

SNCR technology

In addition to water treatment, we are experts in the reduction of nitrogen oxides from flue gases using Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction technique.

Trainings and seminars

We organize popular Water Seminars and tailored water treatment trainings assessing the very issues of your plant.